Skin Care through Seasons’ Change

Spring has always been my favorite season, even more than summers. As winter ends and the cold is over, but still it is not too hot outside and the weather is just perfect for an outdoors’ activities. No need to worry much about sunburns and other damages that extreme hot weather may cause our skin and no need to worry about the dryness that an extreme cold weather may cause. But it is simply not that way anymore. From being a moderate season, the spring has becoming more and more unpredictable due to the global warming. Let’s see how spring has changed and what do we need to pay attention to during this once almost perfect season.

Hot and Cold to Our Skin

What are the main issues to our skin regarding to weather changes? Well, when it is too hot or too cold, right? Which means that somewhere in the middle of it, is the best condition for our skin. And that is exactly what spring has used to be. A perfect time of nice and warm weather with light wind that gently caresses our faces and cool it done a bit. But nowadays? Spring time has becoming unpredictable, as on one day it can be still pretty cold and the next day an extreme hot weather may occur.

Unpredictable Weather

The thing with an unpredictable season, is that we must check the weather outside every day and even during the day, so we can become aware of the conditions outside. The weather becomes literally unpredictable and it means we ought to check it every time we want to go outside. Is the sun out? Is it cloudy? What’s the humidity percentage? Is there a haze? All those questions’ answers will provide us with the information we need in order to provide our skin with the care it needs.

Don’t Neglect Skin Caring

As the spring becomes more and more unstable, we tend to give up and neglect our skin caring. Well, don’t! Sure, sometimes it can be a pain to constantly check the weather but it will pay off as your skin care will allow you to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. So, make that little extra effort and make sure you know what the weather conditions outside is and what your skin needs in order to face it… (See what we did there?)

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