3 D’s for Summer Skin Care

Ready or not, summer’s running towards us quickly! Now, we totally aware to the fact that you maintain your skin care throughout the whole year, but still, we feel it is important to refresh your and our knowledge and awareness by pointing out the most important things to remember. And when we talk about summer, there are 3 main elements to remember about our skin caring and they all start with D. Let’s review summer’s 3 D’s together.

Dry Skin

The number one effect on our skin during summers is dryness. And we all know that dry skin can lead to irritations and cracks, and may reduce our skin’s health, and have an impact on its appearance. Meaning, we should try and prevent our skin from getting dry, obviously. But, we also need to be aware to our skin and if finding it dry to take care of it as soon as we can – usually by applying skin cream with high percentage of moisture.

Damages Caused by the Sun

The sun takes its toll on our skin’s health – the longer our skin will be exposed to the direct sunlight, the more chances it will be harmed. Our skins is a very sensitive part of our body and be it exposed to the direct UV lights, the damage can be catastrophic. It can start with dryness and redness and lead to sunburns and even skin’s diseases. So, two things we can do: first – limit the direct impact by staying in under shade when outdoors, and second – use sunscreen and sun blockers to reduce the risk for your skin to be harmed.

Vitamin D

It is also important to remember the good things about summer, right? It is well known that the sun has a positive impact on our health as well, by providing us with vitamin D. And so, don’t avoid going out and enjoying the sun because of the risks. You should go out there and allow your body to enjoy a natural dose of vitamin D – the key is to make sure you allow your skin to cool down and maintain the moisture level that allow your skin to remain healthy.

On the bottom line, you should enjoy summer – just remember the 3 D’s for summer skim care – so use sunscreen and get under the shade every time you feel your skin gets too hot so it can cool down! Have fun!

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