Personal Hygiene Saves Lives

Nowadays everybody talking about one thing – how to avoid the Coronavirus by being strict about our personal hygiene. It seems that our personal hygiene habits are important now more than ever and even saves lives. But, is it only important now? Or can it actually be so significant to our health all the time? Well, the answer, of course, is that personal hygiene is extremely important any time, at any age, in sickness and health. Let’s discuss the little things that may save our lives.

Hands off Faces!

The first rule of personal hygiene these days is to avoid touching our own faces. Why is that? First, our hands catch germs all the time, because it’s our main physical contact point with the world, right? And then, our faces, is our most vulnerable area, because that’s where located our parts through which most viruses enter our body – right into our respiratory system. So, the combination of hand and face is the most common way to get sick. That is why keeping our hand off our faces will reduce a significant chance for us to catch not only the Coronavirus, but other viruses as well, which are viral during every year.

Wash Your Hands

As discussed above, our hands has a lot of germs on it. Our cellphone alone carries so many germs that might make us sick, so think about all the things we come in physical contact throughout our day – the computer, the doors’ handles, the car’s steering wheel, staircases’ barriers, money and so on. Now, we aren’t trying to stress you out, what we try saying is that avoiding touching your face isn’t enough. You should also wash your hands often and especially: before eating, after eating, after using the toilet, and every time you come home.

There are a lot of additional personal hygiene habits to follow every single day and not only on Coronavirus time. Such as showering every day and wash your clothing after every wearing. These days we also being instructed to keep social distance in order to save lives but that is something we assure you, you don’t need to continue with once the threat of the Coronavirus will pass. After all, we are social beings.

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