Keep Your Skin Healthy through Winter

Winter seems to be the skin-friendly season, as it is not extremely warm outside, and so we can neglect our skin and worry not about its condition and health. Well, there’s a lot of difference between being less concerned about our skin and totally neglecting our skin care. And if we wish to keep our skin healthy through winter, we must pay attention to several details, which will allow us to maintain a healthy skin.

Direct Sunlight

Getting outdoors and expose our skin to direct sunlight during winter can be great for our skin, should it is done properly. First, be aware that the sun can also harm our skin during winter – so make sure you’re staying out long enough to get your vitamin d dose, but not long enough to get sunburns. If you do stay out for long hours, cover your exposed skin to protect it. Another thing you can do is to use sunscreen. Yes, it is also necessary during winter – it depends on where you live and how strong is the sun during winter in your area. 

Too Cold

Yes, a nice level of coldness is great for our skin. It allows it to be firmer, stronger and beautiful. But, there’s a level where it is too cold for our skin. Extreme cold may cause severe dryness to our skin and also lead to cold burns as well. So, don’t get too comfy out in the cold and be aware for the temperature outside. Make sure your skin is warm enough.

Skin Care

Maintain your skin care routine and adjust it to the weather where you live. Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean you can neglect your skin care and expect your skin to remain healthy and beautiful. You still have to provide it with moisture, you still need to exfoliate it properly and do all the things you do during summer, only in different levels. Consult with your dermatologist about the best winter skin care for your skin.

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