Dry Skin During Winter

A lot of customers complain about having dry skin during winter. For some it happens overnight and for some it is a condition that occur as a gradual process. Most don’t understand how it happened and why, and so they try different ways to overturn the condition of their skin being too dry, sometimes leading to irritations and painful itching. Here are the most common reasons for dry skin during winter.

Neglecting Skin Care

The most common reason for having a dry skin during winter is when you neglect your skin care. Most of the times we’re not even aware of neglecting our skin care routine. We simply feel that it is not as important as maintaining it during summer and so we gradually begin to skip more and more steps of our skin care daily routine. Being consist about your skin care and maintaining it properly during winter, will allow you to avoid a deterioration in your skin’s condition.

Warm and Cold Balance

On one hand, winters are cold, there’s no doubt about it. But, it doesn’t mean the sun can’t pound over our heads causing damage to our skin. Now, some of us will find that their skin is sensitive to cold. Meaning, their skin will get red, dry and quickly irritating when exposed to the cold outside. And from both, the direct sunlight and extreme cold, we should protect our skin. We may downsize the effect of coldness on our skin, but rest assure it can harm it and cause substantial damage to our skin, shouldn’t we be careful. The first sign is redness and dry skin and that is when you must address it and provide your skin with the skin care that will allow it to restore moisture levels. Also, make sure your skin stays warm when you go out on a very cold weather days.

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