What is a Healthy Skin?

In order to keep our skin healthy, first we must understand what exactly it means to have a healthy skin. Each of us have a different skin’s type and condition, and so, while one condition will seem fine for one, it will seem not right for the other. If one have extremely oily skin, it will seem fine should the skin turns dry. Understanding our skin’s condition and being aware of it, will allow us to provide it with the best skin care. So, what is a healthy skin?

Balanced Skin

First of all – balance. It is the key to everything in life isn’t it? Keeping our skin balanced means to keep it somewhere in the middle. It means to make sure it is not too oily and not too dry. We can do so by using skin care products that designed for our skin’s type and condition. We can also reduce dryness, for example, by reducing an excessive exposure the sunlight. We can also restore moisture levels in our skin by applying skin care when needed. 

Touch – Soft and Smooth

A heathy skin feels soft and smooth to the touch. Meaning, if you touch your skin can it feels rough, dry, irritated or stiff, you may need to check your skin’s condition and learn which treatment it needs in order to restore its softness. Sometimes, all you’ll need is some moisture. Other times you’ll want to apply facemask, and on some severe cases, you’ll want to consult with your dermatologist.

Appearance – Homogeneous and Beautiful

When your skin is healthy, it looks beautiful and vivid. The skin’s tone will be homogeneous. If your skin looks a little gray or lack of color it may indicate that it needs moisture, deep cleaning or other skin caring treatment. The bottom line is, that the better you’ll understand your skin’s condition, the better treatment you’ll know to provide it with. The key is to pay attention and consult with your dermatologist when needed.

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