Your Beauty Sleep

Every princess must have her beauty sleep, right? And when we say every princess we mean every one of us! During sleep our skin rebuilds itself and maybe that is one of the reasons why it’s called a “beauty sleep”. Let’s talk about what happens to our skin during our beauty sleep and how we can help it work better.

Rejuvenating and Rebuilding

During night, our skin works. That’s right, as we sleep, our skin gets to work and rebuild itself, correcting itself and restoring hydration and collagen levels. Such as other operations, our skin takes action as it does its maintenance at night. That is one of the reasons why a good sleep is important to our skin and not only! Our entire body conducts its maintenance at night as we rest and can’t “disturb” the work being happening.

Antioxidants Infused Skin Care Products

If we want to grant our skin the “tools” it needs for its “night maintenances” antioxidants-infused skin care products will be the best option. That way, you allow your skin to work at the best conditions – on one hand, there aren’t any daily elements to disturb it such as UV light and air pollution, and on the other hand, the antioxidants really help the skin with repairing itself quickly.

Improve Night Rejuvenating During Day!

We can also improve the night maintenance of our skin during day. Should we provide our skin with protection during day, the damage caused will be reduced and so it will become much easier for our skin to rebuild itself during night!

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