Winter Skin Care Routine

Winter is here and immediately we tend to fall into that winter sleep and end up neglecting our skin care and our entire healthy lifestyle routine. It starts with neglecting one small thing, and escalates quickly into quitting our good healthy habits. But, skin care is very important even through winter. After all aging occurs constantly and doesn’t stop only because it is too cold outsides. So, here’s just a few pointers for your winter skin care routine to help you maintaining it through the cold season.

Becoming Aware of the Weather

If we want to care for our skin properly we must become aware of the weather outside. Sometimes the sun is shining and it seems like a warm day outside and the second we step out the door we feel the wind cold as ice hitting our face. And why is it important to become aware of the weather? Because in cold weather our skin tends to dry quickly and get redness and becoming irritating – especially if your skin is sensitive. And so we must address that and apply moisturizer to our skin before exiting our home. 

Keep Up With Your Daily Skin Care Routine

You skin doesn’t want an extreme change to occur when it comes to your skin care routine and products. So, try to maintain your daily skin care routine unchanged, unless you notice that your skin needs a little extra help. Make sure you don’t take too hot showers as the extreme temperature differences might shock your skin. Protect your skin when going out with warm clothes and if the sun is shining re member you still ought to use SPF to protect your skin. If you’re noticing a change in your skin and not sure how to continue with your skin care routine, consult with your dermatologist.

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