What is Skin Care?

What does it mean to take care of your skin? Is it to treat it when it has some sort of irritation or infection? Is it to apply skin’s moisturizer twice a day? Is it to exfoliate it? Or maybe it’s in using rejuvenating face mask? The truth is that all the answers above are correct and more. Much more. See, skin caring takes place in 4 levels: preservation, protection, prevention and treatment.

Skin Care Level 1: Preservation

Skin care starts with preserving its natural, initial state. Meaning – the powder you apply on your baby’s bottom as part of changing their diapers, is skin caring. But it is not only for toddlers – preservation skin care products are mostly made for adults and include moisturizers and such. This skin care meant to preserve our skin’s softness and liveliness. On the same level of importance there’s skin’s protection, that goes side by side with skin’s preservation.

Skin Care Level 2: Protection

There are two main types of things that our skin needs protection from – meaning, protecting by lowering our skin’s exposure to it.

The first type is germs. Germs can cause several complications for our skin, including irritations, infections and even scabies. Therefore, we must keep our skin (and especially our hands and facial skin) as clean as possible. Using water, soap, and sometimes alcohol rub sanitizers, we make sure that most of the germs will be terminated or at least removed off our skin.

The second type is sunlight (and UV radiation in general). The impact that an ultraviolet radiation has on our skin is not only dangerous, but can also turn fatal. Our skin must be protected from long and direct exposure to sunlight and other extreme hot things that release UV radiation. It doesn’t matter what is your age or what your children’s age is – the skin needs its protection. So, if you work outdoors, try to cover as much of your skin as you can and make sure to apply sunscreen on the exposed parts (face, hands). Same goes when spending a day at the beach – try to stay under the shade and use sunscreen all over the exposed skin.

Skin Care Level 3: Prevention

Skin care prevention includes all the skin’s products that meant to prevent skin’s diseases and other conditions. Some of it can also be the preservation and protection products as it also meant to prevent skin’s damage. Also, our nutrition choices can also be prevention measures. For example, if you avoid fried foods or high-fats foods you can reduce the chances of skin’s pimples (among other illnesses as well). Of course, you must make sure you avoid only bad fats foods (white bread, cakes, cookies, etc.) and not the good ones (avocado, dark chocolate, eggs, etc.).

Skin Care Level 4: Treatments

When it comes to treatments, there’s also two types: products and procedures (for both some are medical, some cosmetic). Skin’s treatments meant to deal with a certain of condition of the skin on a

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