What Happens to Our Skin on Extreme Cold Weather

My friend asked me lately, how consistent I’m managing to be regarding skin caring during winter? It isn’t the first time I’ve been asked that, and whenever I hear it, I’m immediately being reminded of that skiing vacation I’ve been on years ago, when I thought that it is not that important to maintain my usual skin caring. I mean it is not that I didn’t care about my skin’s health, but it is because of the extreme cold weather that I’ve mistakenly thought it is just not that crucial. So, here’s my answer (and what happened to my skin after a few days in a snowy weather).

Day One

On the first day my skin got cold to the touch and felt firm. That made me think that my skin likes the cold and that the cold is actually good for it. Later on that day a bit of redness started to appear, and that still seemed to me like a good thing. The color is back to my facial skin, meaning it rejuvenate itself and when they say “the color has returned to her face” it refers to a good thing, right? Well, not so sure anymore.

Day Two

On the next day’s morning, I was still in that vacationing mood – meaning “I don’t need to worry about the things I normally worried about, because I’m on a vacation”. But when out on the snow and as feeling the ice-cold wind on my face I’ve started feeling it. My facial skin suddenly turned from feeling firm to feeling stiff to the touch, and the dryness so severe that I realized right there in an instant, that my skin doesn’t get the blood flow and therefore the oxygen it needs. Returning to the hotel later on the afternoon, I took a look at the mirror and find my skin to be so red and starting to peel off. And trust me, it was not a peeling of the good kind at all!

Day Three

Well, on the third day, I was already back on my skin care routine, understanding that being out in the snow all day can actually cause damage to my skin and it is up to me to protect it. So, I think now you can guess what my answer to my friend was – extreme cold isn’t good to our skin and can even damage it, so you better keep on with your skin care during winter, even if it doesn’t seem effective. It is more important than you know.

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