Tips for healthy looking skin

Many of us have always wondered why other women appear to have flawless, even-toned, breakout-free skin, and keep on wondering.

Let me tell you that while some of them may be due to AWESOME genetics, for the rest, it takes some work!

Fortunately, we will share with you a combination of actions that you can take to achieve that flawless, healthy, glowy skin:


Exfoliate + Moisturize (plus use SPF during the day!)

The two most important things for healthy looking skin, is exfoliating and moisturizing.

You should exfoliate once a week to have glowing skin, which is basically new and vibrant skin, and any beauty treatments of products you use will be more effective if you have new skin because it absorbs better (dead skin kind of creates a barrier so the products cannot be properly absorbed on skin that has not exfoliated for a long time).

Tip: never use scrubs that are too harsh on the skin, that can end up irritating the skin and damaging it, and you wouldn’t want that.


Keep a routine, and be consistent

A basic skincare routine includes washing your face with warm water in the morning, applying toner to disinfect pores, shrink appearance of pores and finish removing residue, and finally applying either moisturizer with SPF, or a moisturizer of your choice followed by sunscreen. At night, use a face wash to remove impurities, dirt and oils from skin, rinse with warm water, apply toner, then serum and/or night cream, and eye cream. Usually in the morning you don’t have “dirty” skin because you were sleeping, you were not in contact with dirt and environmental pollution from the outside, so you can just freshen up by washing your face with just warm water.


Basically, if you try to have a skincare routine every day consistently, you would start noticing the results as fast as 1-2 weeks after you started: you will start noticing how your skin looks glowy, healthy, even-toned. Just like you need to work out regularly to stay healthy, your skin also needs that regular treatment: it is always about being consistent.


Healthy Eating + Good Hydration

Another important fact: good eating habits. Eating greasy or fried things will make you have breakouts, excess oils, etc. Eat healthy to promote good skin. Also, drink lots of water! Health experts recommend eight 8-oz glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. You would be amazed at how much impact drinking water can have on your skin!


Good Sleep + No Stress

Getting enough sleep can do wonders on skin. You can probably see the difference when there are days that you feel so well rested, your skin looks much more radiant, vs dull pale skin. And, when you laugh enough, have fun, relax and leave stress away, that also shows on the skin!


Bottom line: If you exfoliate weekly and moisturize daily + use SPF during the day, keep a skin care routine and can be consistent about it, eat healthy and drink good amounts of water, sleep well and lead a happy, fulfilling life trying to keep stress away: that is the recipe for the ultimate flawless skin.


You’re welcome!

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