These Simple Steps Will Revive Your Skin as You Sleep

Keeping your skin healthy is a part of the daily skin caring, or at least it should be. It is the easier part of keeping your skin healthy and beautiful, but if you neglect it – it can cause a serious damage to your skin. Here are 3 simple steps that will revive your skin as you sleep.

Remove Your Makeup

Removing your makeup is extremely important and may be the thing that some of us neglect to do due to lack of energies at the end of each day. Sure, we work hard all day and when the evening has approaching its ending all we want to do is lay down on the sofa or bed, and give ourselves in to our favorite television show. But, taking those few minutes that’s required in order to remove our makeup will allow our skin to breathe and absorb that fresh oxygen it needs in order to revive itself during night.

Clean Up Your Skin

Removing your makeup at the end of your day/evening isn’t enough. You must take that extra step and clean it up by washing it with warm (not hot!) water and cleanser that suits your facial skin’s type. After removing the makeup, there can be traches of it left on your skin, which can harm your skin or at least prevent it from recovering during night time. Cleaning your skin firmly will only take about 3-4 minutes and will allow your skin care to keep working to your skin’s benefit as you sleep.

Use Skin’s Night Cream

Applying skin’s night cream will allow your skin to get all its needs during night in order to revive and rejuvenate itself. During day, our skin is covered with makeup, gets dust and soot on it, and being touched by our uncleaned hands (after we touch our cell phones all day which have a lot of germs on it 0 and that’s just one example), which makes it hard for it to remain healthy and sometimes even damages our skin (such as sun’s UV lights etc.). Using skin’s night cream daily, will allow our skin to restore the vitamins, oxygen and moisture it needs in order to rejuvenate. Skin care isn’t that hard, and by following those 3 steps you can keep your skin much healthier and prettier!

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