The Moment You Wake Up Before You Put on Your Makeup

What do you like to do first thing in the morning? Drink your coffee? Enjoy a breakfast? We all have our morning ritual as we try to restore our energies and start our day. And when it comes to makeup – you should also have a ritual for that, as there’s a wise order to put your makeup on, so it would last throughout your day and that it won’t harm your skin. Here’s a few tips for what you should do before putting your makeup in the morning.

Take a Shower

Taking a shower every morning allows not only our skin to freshen up but our entire body and even mind. Taking a shower makes the waking up process easier as it freshen us up. Think about it – when you’re too tired, wouldn’t a shower wakes you up a little?

Have a Breakfast

Having a breakfast before you put on your makeup only makes sense, as that way you won’t mess your makeup as you eat. More than that, having breakfast allows our body to restore its energies and strength and it should be one of the first things you do in the morning, and you should pass this habit to your children as well. It is simply healthy to start your day with nurturing foods and beverages, such as vegetables, scrambled eggs and orange juice.

Apply Moisturizer

Another important thing to do before applying your makeup is to apply your skin care products, including moisturizer. The skin care purpose is to allow your skin the moist and protection it needs throughout the day. Makeup can dry our skin and can cause it irritations, should we don’t apply moisturizer underneath it. So, apply the skin care moisturizer and make sure you allow your skin to absorb it before putting your makeup on.

Morning skin caring is pretty simple and easy to do and will grant you a great fresh feeling to start your day with, all while keeping your skin healthy and beautiful! So make sure you don’t skip it, and allow both your skin and yourself to enjoy all the benefits that this morning routine offers.

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