Stay in Shape during the Holidays

The holidays. It is coming and you know that every year you’re struggling with maintaining your healthy lifestyle routine. Every year is the same, you say you won’t sit around all day, you say you won’t eat too much. But before you know it you find yourself lying on the couch, feeling way too heavy after having a way too heavy holiday dinner – with no motivation to do anything. So this year, you better take our tips for how to stay in shape during the holiday, and keeping your healthy lifestyle routine at its course. 

Holiday Meals

During the holidays we tend to neglect our healthy diet and allow ourselves not only to consume unhealthy foods, but also to eat much bigger portions of it all. Way is that? It is not that we’re hungrier than usual. It seems to be more of a mental thing, as we loosen ourselves from our healthy lifestyle “limitations”. For some, it is just a family habit to consume a lot of food during the holidays. What you can do is first – cook healthier! Avoid cooking foods that aren’t healthy to start with. So even if you eat a little more than what you usually eat, it will be healthy. Second, try to avoid eating too big portions and replace it with more activities other than eating. 

Holiday Activity with the Family

During the holidays, a lot of people tend to sit around and do nothing. But that’s just a waste! You’ve finally have a spare time to enjoy with the family – make the best out of it. Play board games, play outside at the backyard, go out to the nature – and enjoy life! Aren’t you tired of sitting around every holiday and feel bad about yourself neglecting your healthy ways? Change the game and get more active!

Holiday Workouts

Yes, we’re very much aware to the tendency of neglecting your workout routine during the holidays. Your entire day is different and so you allow yourself to skip workouts as though after the holidays you would simply “get back to it”, right? But you know deep inside that it isn’t simple at all to start your workout routine again once you’ve neglected it. So way do this to yourself? Keep your workout routine going on the holidays as well – you can even encourage your family and friends to join you now that they have the time!

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