Skin Care vs Skin Protection

With so many skin care products out there, it is easy for anyone to get confused while trying to decide which products to use. There are skin care products, skin’s protection products, and cosmetic products of so many kinds. So which products are the most important to use? What’s more important – using skin care or protecting our skin? If you sometimes feel that skin care methods are a bit similar to the chicken or the egg story – well, first you right and second – this article is for you. Skin care vs skin protection – let’s settle it for once and for all.

Skin Protection

Skin protection should start at a very early age. The sun can do so much damage to our skin with no protection that it is important to protect not only our own skin but also the skin of our children. Even if there’s babies, you must protect it but applying sunscreen or simply avoid long exposure of them, as the sunlight can burn their soft and tender skin. Neglecting protecting our skin can lead to several health conditions, from skin’s diseases and up to life threatening diseases, such as skin’s cancer. Also, neglecting protecting our skin may lead to the stage where we’ll need to use a lot more of skin care products in order to restore the damage done. Unfortunately, a lot of the times we won’t be able to thoroughly undo the damage.

Skin Care

Skin care allows us to provide our skin with minerals and vitamins it needs in order to restore its moisture and its health. It also allows us to treat several skin’s conditions such as: dry skin, oily skin, irritated skin, burned skin, etc. And as said, it won’t always allow us to completely solve the problem. But what about the other way around? Does neglecting our skin care may lead to damages? This is extremely important to understand – skin protection is only one method of skin caring. Meaning, protecting our skin is one way of caring for our skin, which makes it not more or less important but simply an integral part of skin care.

The bottom line is, that the more we’ll protect our skin, the less we’ll need to care for it, as we will be able to minimize the damages. It doesn’t mean that skin protection comes on the behalf of skin care, but only that we do need to maintain both in order to allow our skin the best health condition it can be.

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