Skin Care Tips for Mature Skin

As we get older, our skin becomes drier and drier. Mature skin losing moisture, natural oils and nutrients faster and that is the main cause for the dry skin. Again skin suffers from aging stains, fine lines and wrinkles. But, with proper skin care, your mature skin can look beautiful, natural and even glow. Here’s a few skin care tips for mature skin.

Use Hydrating Foundation

The main cause for mature skin to look old is dryness and so you should use hydrating foundations constantly. The hydrating foundation will allow your skin to maintain its hydration along the day. Sometimes our makeup dries our skin and so hydrating foundation will allow your skin to preserve its moisture.

Use Sunscreen Regularly

Mature skin needs more protection from the sun lights, even when it’s winter. Use sunscreen daily on your mature skin and provide it with the protection it needs. Also, you can use moisturizer with high SPF protection in order to protect your facial skin from the sun’s effects and damages.

Special Care for Your Eyes

The skin around our eyes is extra sensitive, regardless of our age. Therefore, mature skin requires special care in the eyes area. There are more wrinkles, fine line, dark circles and under-eye bags as we age, and so, the skin around the eyes must be properly cared for.

Remove Makeup and Wash with Facial Cleanser

Makeup is one of the elements to increase the dryness of our skin. Therefore, we must remove our makeup every night. Leaving the makeup on will prevent our skin from breathing, restoring moisture levels and from rejuvenating itself. After removing the makeup wash your facial skin with facial cleanser such as D’iMYOOR’s Facial Cleanser Mousse to allow your skin to quickly restore its moisture levels. 

Glow with Skin’s Serums

Our skin losing its glow as we age. Serums can improve the look of our skin and allow it to glow due to its hydrating and brightening ingredients. Using serums will illuminate your skin and grant you a glowing beautiful look.

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