Skin Care Tips for Corona Time

The Coronavirus has entered our lives and changed the way we do things. Not all of it, obviously – and this is where we first say that you must maintain your daily skin care routine as it was up to now. But, there are some additional thing you should do or pay more attention to, due to the changes we’re all experience in our social behaving. Here are some skin care tips for you especially during Corona time.
Clean, Clean and Cleanliness
It may seems obvious to some of you, but we have to say it – now that we’re using face masks in order to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, the skin around our mouth and nose absorbs our own breath, meaning, it feels like steams or sweat, but in anyway, it is on our skin during the whole time we are with masks and in some point it may even prevent our skin from breathing along to causing irritations to it as well. Therefore, right after removing the mask, wash your face firmly and clean it well. If you wear mask for long hours, try to find the time in between to wash your face and allow some relief to your facial skin.
Restore Oxygen and Moisture Levels
Another thing that happens due to the use of the face mask, is that we don’t breathe enough fresh air, meaning we’re also not getting enough oxygen – meaning our skin doesn’t get enough oxygen, therefore, you ought to pay attention to your facial skin and if it get drier apply your skin care moisturizer in order to allow your skin to restore its levels of oxygen. Make sure you apply the moisturizer only after washing and cleaning your skin.
Not all of us are using gloves, as its impact and protection is only when used directly and briefly. Therefore, if you do use gloves – make sure you act the same regarding your hand’s skin as what we’ve mentioned above about the facial skin. Should you’re not sure what to do and you do notice change in your skin’s health, don’t hesitate consulting with dermatologist. You can also keep your hand’s skin cleaner with our new hand sanitizer – get it here!
Stay safe and stay at home as much as you can, and when out protect yourself and others by keeping social distance and wearing face masks, and remember our skin care tips that will allow your skin to remain healthy!

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