Remedies and Prevention for Blemishes

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Tired of hiding your face due the blemishes on your face which are an eye sore to you and everyone around you? Well, if you find yourself nodding to our question, trust us; you have arrived at the right page. While blemishes are a girl’s nightmare and quite a big deal, you would be surprised how treating them and keeping them away in the future is little effort with big results.


Chances are that by the time you realize that you hate blemishes; you already have ones or are undergoing signs of having them. No need to be disappointed assuming that it is too late to work on it. Allow us to enlighten you with some of the top tried and tested ingredients to use in order to cure an outbreak.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is one of the best ingredients to cool down the blemishes. However, be sure to dilute it in water to reduce its acidic content and be extremely suitable for your skin
  • Fuller’s Earth is another natural agent to cure blemishes. Blemishes occur often because the pores in the skin are blocked and accumulate extra oil and dirt. Fuller’s earth cleans the pores and nullifies the cause. This treatment should be done at least twice a week for best results
  • Aloe Vera is the top favorite when it comes to curing blemishes. It’s gel is known to be cool enough to cure many skin problems, including scars, blemishes and outbreaks as it encourages new cell growth
  • Rubbing a banana peel on the skin is one of the most inexpensive ways to cure blemishes which require absolutely no effort. Apart from curing the problem completely, it also prevents the redness and restores the skin’s original glow


Though the remedies we mentioned above are effective but what the need of going through the trouble when you can make little effort in advance and prevent the problem altogether? Here are a few tips to keep blemishes and other similar skin problems away.

  • Be careful about the makeup you use and how frequently you use it. The skin needs to breathe just like we do and thus limited makeup should be used. Even if you do, it should be washed as soon as it’s possible and those brands are to be used which use minimum dyes and chemicals in their products
  • This might seem bit strange but what you apply on your hair also affects your facial skin. Thus you need to be very conscious of the oils, shampoos, conditioners and perfumes that you apply on your skin and see if they don’t trickle down on your face and cause blockage of the pores. Also, the hair needs to be tied and all times and away from your face to minimize the irritation
  • One of a very important tip to keep away the blemishes and other facial skin conditions is to quit touching your face again and again. Hands are the fastest way to spread bacteria and incase they lead a pimple to pop or get in contact with naked pores, they can cause rashes

So as we told you, there is no rocket science in having a clear, blemish free skin. Follow our set of do’s and don’ts to welcome a better version of the skin you’re currently in.

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    Thank you! Great information. Adore your products and would love to know your opinion on organic, natural foundation brands for sensitive,aging light rosacea skin. I have used Chanel for years, but the ingredients are far from natural and sometimes irritate. Thank you so!

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      I am so glad to hear such positive comments about the products. I would suggest looking for a product that is Paraben-free and has been certified through Leaping Bunny (which is the cruelty free certifying organization).

      Have a great weekend.


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