Prepare Yourself for Summer

Summer. The season of sun, beach, parties and freedom. And this freedom we feel, is not only because we all remember summer’s school breaks. It is also because during summer we get to wear much lighter clothes and that feeling of the sun against our skin is so refreshing, isn’t it? Summer is also the season on which the average man and woman unloads more energies in comparison with the other seasons. So, there’s a few things to do in order to prepare yourself for summer, so you can enjoy it as much as possible.

Get in Shape

As mentioned, during summer we unload more energies, meaning, we need more energies. We go out more, we party more, we travel more, etc. Getting in shape will allow you to enjoy all those activities and more, not feeling you’re about to drop dead because you’re out of breath. Build up your body’s strength and allow yourself to enjoy summer to the fullest.

Eat Well

Adjust your diet to summer by eating healthy light meals. Avoid heavy foods, such as fried foods, which will make you tired and unhealthy. Eating a small and light meal about every two hours will allow you to feel full yet not heavy, energized and healthier.

Sleep Well

Get your night sleep of at least 6 hours to ensure your body gets to restore its energies. If you tend to party all night, it is good to keep in mind that a night sleep is much healthier than sleeping during the day, so make sure to get your night sleep as much as you can, or at least during most nights…

Drink Water

Drinking water will provide you with fresh energies, will hydrate your body (and skin), and will allow all its systems to operate better. When exercising or spending time outdoors, make sure to consume more water, because that’s when your body releases fluids through sweat. So, make sure you restore water levels in your body and keep it hydrated.

Wear Sunglasses

Before summer, buy yourself a pair of quality sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from sun’s radiation is extremely important. Wearing quality sunglasses will allow your eyes the protection it needs, as you enjoy your days outdoors, at the beach or on hikes, etc.

Wear a Hat

When you’re outdoors under the burning sun, it is also important to wear a hat, in order to prevent your head and body to absorb too much heat. When our body gets overheated, it leads to dryness, dehydration and as a result, it also leads to headaches and even vomiting. All of those may lead to more complicated and sometimes life-risking health conditions, so make sure you protect yourself properly.

Use Sunscreen and Skin Care

Due to wearing light clothes, a lot of our skin gets exposed to direct sun light, which may cause sunburns and even skin’s diseases. Protect your skin by a high SPF sunscreen of at least 30. When getting back home, take a shower with clean water and right after it apply skin care moisturizer to relief your skin from the heat and provide it with the moist it needs.

Have a great summer!

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