Today I’m talking about two products your skin is missing. One of the products is a vitamin C serum and up until recently, I didn’t even know that was a thing! I’ve since then learned that there are so many different products you can use on your skin other than just face wash and moisturizer… and they’re worth it! A couple of months ago, I was talking to a girlfriend who happens to get a lot of facials and she was telling me about how her Facialist recommended that she use a vitamin C serum every day.  Since I’d never heard of anyone using that, it peaked my interest. You guys know I love putting the best products on my skin and it’s always been my number one priority.



Flash forward a month or so and this brand, Di’Myoor, contacted me and sent over a bunch of their products to try, one of them being a Vitamin C serum! When I finally got around to trying it I was immediately addicted. My skin looked brighter within a day and it evened out my skin tone too! Ever since, I’ve been using it daily and I know it’s something I’ll never go without again. It contains Vitamin C (obviously) which is a powerful antioxidant that help boost collagen formation. It also contains peptides, green tea, and aloe vera. Peptides defend your skin against premature aging– definitely on board for that. The green tea repairs cell damage on your skin and the aloe vera soothes your skin while also containing anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn’t stop there, ladies. There’s even more amazing ingredients in this serum and all are minerals and/or organic botanicals. Click the link below to read more about this Vitamin C Serum!



I also got to try out their cleanser which comes out of a foam dispenser and it’s so amazing! It’s like washing your face with a cloud, haha. It smells amazing and my face feels so clean afterwards. The foam gently cleanses while also promoting skin cell regeneration. It reduces the appearance of pores and leaves my skin feeling refreshed very time. This product is only $18 you guys! Use my code and get the discount. I promise you will love this stuff!

Use code: KAILY20 for 20% OFF



These products are extremely high quality and they work! The way I see it is, if you’re going to invest in something it should be skincare. You only get one face, so you better take care of it!



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