Looking Sharp on the Holidays

We’re all wish to look at our best on the holiday, especially if we host at our home. We want to look great for our family, for our guest, but mostly, for ourselves. And why won’t we? Looking good contribute to our mood and may also lift our spirit, allowing us to enjoy more of the holiday spirit. The thing is, that many time we’re too tired to invest in ourselves as we trouble way too hard for the rest of the family. The key is to learn to balance. Here’s a few simple tips for looking sharp on the holidays.

Dress Code for the Holidays

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Set a dress code for the holidays. Not only for yourself but you’re your family and guests! The dress code will enforce everyone to elevate their outfit and will make your holiday more festive. Don’t neglect yourself! Every year you cook and clean and buy clothing for the spouse and kids – get a nice outfit for yourself as well. Plan ahead what you’re wearing, don’t leave it for the last minute. Even if you don’t host guests and it is just you and your immediate family, invest in your look, allowing you and your family to enjoy a festive holiday. 

Should I Wear Makeup on the Holidays?

Some of us like to avoid using makeup during the holidays. That is when we take makeup as something we must use when in public, so among our family we feel we don’t have to put it on. And that is great (and we’re surely recommend allowing your skin the rest). But, if you love your makeup and it lift your spirit making you feel festive, put it on girl! If you avoid using makeup on the holidays only because you’re simply too tired – make the time for it, to treat yourself the way to like, and wear your most loveable makeup just as you’ll wear your most pretty dress! 

Lift Up Your Face!

During the holidays we sometimes work harder as we want everything to be special and the food to be festive and tasty. Which sometimes wears us out, making us not only feel tired but also look tired. Allow yourself to look at your best with Di’MYOOR’s Instant Face Lift! Lift your look and spirit in moments!

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