Know Your Skin before Summer

Just before summer arrives and the heat is taking over our lives, it is important to become aware of your skin’s character and needs. The better you’ll know your skin, the better treatment you can offer it, so it can be both healthier and prettier. And so, here are our tips for how to know your skin, which you should be on top of before summer gets here.

Skin’s Type

Knowing your skin starts with identify your skin’s type. And in order to do that, you need to remember that your skin can be of one type or more. And not only that, your skin’s type may vary from time to time, as it is subject to the influence of many variables. Your age, the weather where you live or vacation, the soap you use, the hormones levels in your body, the length of time you expose your skin to direct sunlight and the weather when you do so, etc. Sometimes, you’ll need the advice of a dermatologist to help you knowing what your skin’s type is.


Additional part of knowing your skin is being aware of its sensitivity levels and to what exactly. Meaning, you ought to learn what it is that your skin is sensitive to and on what volume it affects your skin. Say your skin is sensitive to heat (like most of us) – on what volume the heat affects your skin? Measure your skin’s reaction to heat – dryness, redness, irritations, sunburns? Make sure you test that gradually, treat your skin with the first reaction appearance, get to a cooler environment quickly, and avoid causing damage to your skin.

Don’t Neglect Dry Skin

A lot of people tend to neglect their skin when it dries. Meaning, they won’t rush to treat their skin when they feel it dries up. Why? It seems to be because it is only make sense that our skin will get a little dry against the heat or sunlight. But the thing is, that almost every serious issue to our skin starts with dryness. It is the first symptom you can sense that your skin doesn’t have enough moisture in order to normally function and remaining vital. So, whenever you feel your skin dries, apply some moisturizer that suits your skin’s type and allow it to restore itself. It is the simplest treatment and one of the best ways to avoid most damages to your skin.

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