Whether you are a social media personality, or a gifted writer (blogger) we are so excited to have YOU join our amazing team of Influencers! We love every awesome girl and guy that we work with and are so happy to treat you to top-quality beauty products. In return, all we ask is that you promote Di’MYOOR’s products to your loyal followers!

Why should you work with Di’MYOOR

Di’MYOOR has over 2 years of experience in the skincare industry, during which our products have helped thousands of customers to reach their beauty goals! One of the reasons that this has been able to happen is because of all the wonderful work that our influencers have done. We are always looking to expand our influencer data base. As an influencer, you could receive complimentary products, as well as being a part of Di’MYOOR’s growing population of social media and followers.

Every influencer that works with us will receive: 

  • Partially or fully discounted products
  • Opportunity to expand audience and engagement

What do you do first? 

After reading over this information, you’ll fill out an Influencer application (at the bottom of this page) where you’ll introduce yourself and share your social media handles. Every application that is submitted gets reviewed and replied to! Please be aware that we have a limited influencer budget, so we unfortunately cannot collaborate with every awesome influencer who reaches out to us. But applications that are not approved immediately will be kept on file for future consideration!

Once your application is approved, a member of our staff will reach out to you to help you find and schedule a call time. We will do our best to fit you into our schedule as best and quickly as possible, but please be flexible!


Once you talk to your coordinator, you will go over the details of what products you think that you would like to get and why. We will discuss what social media posts we would like from you. On average, we provide 1-2 complimentary products per influencer. You will sign an Influencer Agreement (contract) to confirm that you will make the expected social media posts in exchange for the products we will provide within 1 month after you get the product(s).

What’s next:

Within a few days following our call, you will get the products we decided to send and then you will try them according to what we agreed on during our call.

After you get the product(s): “product(s) arrival”

Please post “content” – one Instagram post and 3 stories tagging Di’MYOOR Paris Social Account(s) plus few more tags we will provide; the tags will be relevant to the products you are going to get and the effect the product does.

Instagram Post:

  1. We require you to post a minimum of 1 permanent Instagram post and tag Di’MYOOR Social Account(s) in the caption. You can choose whether you would like to make the whole caption about Di’MYOOR or make it a normal lifestyle caption about going to the gym, shopping, etc. and then giving a shout out to Di’MYOOR Social Account(s) at the end of the caption. Either way, you must tag Di’MYOOR Social Account(s)and ask your followers to follow Di’MYOOR Social Account(s).

Instagram Stories:

  1. One prior to opening the product(s) sharing how happy you are to get the products before you open them, as you open them; showing the product’s box(s) with the name of the product.
  2. One demonstrating the texture and smell if possible.
  3. One with the products on the relevant treated area.

By posting the “content” on your social media and signing the “Influencer Contract”, you grant permission to Di’MYOOR to use the “content”. Such use includes the display, distributions, publications, transmissions or otherwise use of photographs, images and/or videos taken for use in materials that include, but may not be limited to, printed materials such as Brochures, Newsletters, Videos and digital images used on Di’MYOOR Websites, Social Media Pages such as Facebook and Instagram and YouTube, Retail stores and for Di’MYOOR Fundraising/Charity Events.

The exact details of your posting expectations will be written in your Influencer Agreement (contract) that you will sign. A copy of the agreement will be provided to you for your reference.

We love and cherish our team of influencers. The goal after our first contact and onwards is to have a continuous business relationship with our Influencers, which we exchange services helping each other to grow and prosper!

Thank you for reading!

Application Form