How to Tighten Your Skin?

What makes our skin look good? And why does it tend to sag with time? First thing is first. When we’re young our skin is elastic and hydrated (most of the times) and so it has a natural look to it and it feels soft as well. But with age and due to environmental causes (sun, heat, cold, air pollution, etc.) our skin suffers from gradual loss of elasticity, which leads to sagging skin. Here’s a few tips t guide your with how to tighten your skin and make it firmer.

Use Sunscreen Daily

One of the main causes to dryness and losing of elasticity of our skin is the sun and UV light. The heat of the sun and its UV light, dries our skin up quickly and so even after one day at the beach we immediately feels our skin gets dry and stiff but not in a good way. That stiffness enhance the skin’s aging as it causes wrinkles and fine line to occur and sometimes even skin’s cracks. Using sunscreen or SPF daily, will provide your skin with the shield it needs so it can remain hydrated, soft and healthy. 

Night Cream

Use night cream or an overnight facial mask in order to allow your skin to rejuvenate as you’re resting. The night cream will encourage collagen production and will hydrate your skin and will nourish it with vitamins. Using night cream allows your skin to “work” when you’re sleep as it is free of the daily makeup and the air pollution outside, allowing your skin to get the best treatment it can. Enter here to discover the luxurious skin care products of D’iMYOOR.

Facial Serum

Facial serum is best to be used day and night. Sure, night serums and creams are great and will allow your skin to rejuvenate overnight, but day serums will allow your skin to maintain its hydration levels and prevent your makeup from drying your skin.

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