How to Survive Halloween’s Makeup

It is this time of the year again – costumes and colorful makeup are taking over in an amazing demonstrate of creativity. For the kids it is an innocent holiday, happy and cheerful, but we know that it can change on us shouldn’t we pay attention to it. So if you don’t want your Halloween’s experience change into a scene from a horror movie, here are some tips for you to follow to ensure your skin care through this holiday.

Quality of Makeup

The first rule for Halloween’s day is to choose quality makeup to use – and not only for you but also for your kids. Their skin is as sensitive as ours and if you don’t want to ruin it, you must choose a high quality of facial makeup for them to use during this holiday. There are so many options for facial colors on Halloween that we don’t always stop to look on its label before we buy it. So, take a minute and make sure that the facial paint color is actually designed for a safe use upon the facial skin. You can check to see if it’s FDA approved to be assure it is healthy for your skin.

Before Applying Halloween’s Makeup

It isn’t recommended to apply Halloween’s makeup directly on the skin without using a skin care lotion first, in order to grant our skin with moisture. It is important to understand that Halloween’s makeup is heavy and usually blokes our facial porousness so oxygen can’t reach it. More than that, the new facial paint colors on these days are water and sweat resistant, which means that even if you’re really hot and your skin’s tries to breathe, it won’t be able to, as the makeup is resistant and will remain as a sort of an air blocker against your skin. For that, we recommend two possible ways of action.

Avoid of Choosing Resistant Makeup

The first way of action is to try and avoid choosing resistant facial paint colors. Choose such makeup that will wash away easily and that your skin will be able to sweat it off. The combination of a resistant makeup and sweat can lead to irritations and even allergic reactions that might harm your skin. Make sure you don’t choose resistant makeup for your kids’ customs as they don’t pay attention as they scratch their skin and so they can really damage their skin if it starts to irritate.

Remove the Makeup and Restore Your Skin’s Moisture Levels

As soon as you’re back at home, remove the facial paint of it! Meaning the first thing you do as you get back home – remove that makeup. Same goes with your children – they don’t always pay attention that it burns their skin and irritates them and so you have to make sure they remove it as soon as they’re back from trick or treating. Allow the skin to breathe again isn’t enough – you must restore your skin’s moisture levels by using skin care products that suit your skin’s type. And make no mistake about it- your kids’ skin needs the moisture too – just because their skin is young, healthy and smooth, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need treatment with skin caring as it been under blocking makeup throughout Halloween’s day. Use light skin care products or such that suited sensitive skin for your kids’ skin. And whatever you do – DO NOT SLEEP WITH HALLOWEEN’S MAKEUP ON!

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