How to Set Your Priority for Your Busy Schedule?

Having a busy schedule means that you have a limited time to do it all. Let’s sharpen what we mean – we all have a limited length of time, but some of us have more spare time than others. And those of us that don’t have any spare time and they don’t even find the time to do everything they wish to – must set their priorities and plan each part of their time, so they can manage to do the most important things to them, while finding occasionally the time for the things that are less important but still they wish not to neglect entirely. Only by time management can a busy schedule include all the things that are important to you.

Set Priorities

First thing to do is to set your priorities. What are the things that you love to do? What are the things you can’t do without? Meaning, we’re not talking about things you must do or that are important to do, but the things you feel good by doing. The things that allow you to keep breathing, the things that makes you feel like yourself again after a hard day. Combining those things within your busy schedule, will allow you to reload energies when you need to, so you can go on with your busy schedule throughout the week.

Set Importance Levels

Now we’re talking about the things that are more important to do than others – and you must set the importance levels. For example – maintaining your skin caring routine at least twice a day, will keep your skin beautiful and healthy – how important is that to you? Having dinner with your family is important for your family’s relations – how important is that to you? Going out with your friends will allow you to stay close to each other – how important is that? After determine how important each thing is to you, you should also calculate how benefiting each thing is in comparison with the length of time you need to invest performing each.

Build a Daily Routine

Once you set your priorities and determine what the importance level of each is and the benefit of each in comparison with the length of time you need to invest in it, you can build your daily routine (and monthly). That way it will be easier to keep up with the things that are most important to you, but still dedicate time for the things you don’t want to entirely neglect. Say we calculate all mentioned in the previous paragraph into a busy schedule: you can keep up with your skin caring twice a day because it is only takes a few minutes of your time. You can make sure that your family eats dinner together on every day of the week, unless there’s a really exceptional circumstances that prevent you of doing so, as keeping your family close maybe the most important thing to do. And you can go out with your friends at least once a week or once in two weeks, as your friends also has their busy schedule and that way you can still meet and keep your close relations.


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