How to Reduce Sun’s Risks

The sun – a source of light and vitamin D, which does wonders for our body’s health, is also a source to many skin’s diseases and may lead to worse health conditions, such as cancer. So, how can we reduce the levels of the sun’s risks? Here are few tips for you to follow in order to increase your natural skin care protection and reducing the sun’s risks to your health.

Limit Your Exposure to Direct Sun Light

Long hours’ exposure to direct sun light is not good for our health. Of course that the sun is a great source of vitamin D, but that same direct sunlight can cause great damages to our health. If we want to maintain a healthy skin, we should limit the length of time we expose our skin to the sun light. Also, wearing a hat and sunglasses will also reduce the level of our exposure to the sun – use it!

Protect Your Skin during Exposure to the Sun

So you’ve decided to spend the day at the beach, cool. Make sure you apply sunscreen to your exposure skin before leaving your house and not after arriving at the beach, where your skin’s already affected by the sun. Even if you’re going to work and it is a very hot day outside and you’re about to spend some time outdoors – make sure you got the sunscreen with you for your skin’s protection. The sunscreens allow us to enjoy the sun’s vitamin while blocking its bad impact, which only increases with every year that passes by, due to global warming.

Protect Your Skin after the Exposure

After exposing your skin to the sun it’s recommended to wash your body with water – to freshen it up a little bit and increase the natural moisture in our skin and then, apply moisturizer to ensure thatthe moisture level of your skin will be restored. There are several after-sun recovery products you can use for that matter.

Increase Your Natural Skin Care Protection

There are foods that are proven to increase our body’s natural protection from the sunlight and to reduce the risk to get sunburns. First, of course, is water. Drinking as much water as you can during the day will increase your natural body protection and will increase your natural skin care protection. Also, processed or cooked tomatoes are also proven to provide our body with a natural skin care – so try to add it to your diet – as often as at least twice a week.

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