How to Protect Your Skin Before and After Using Halloween Makeup?

Soon Halloween will arrive and we’re already preparing our costumes, including makeup and accessories. Now, there’s a lot of options when it comes to Halloween makeup and in order to protect your skin, it is most recommended to follow few simple rules. Here are the basics that will allow you to maintain healthy skin before and after using Halloween makeup.

1.      Use Only Professional Makeup

There’s no room for mistakes here. Right before Halloween there are many makeup products available in the market, but, if you want to ensure your skin care, you must use only professional makeup products, such that are safe for our skin. Do not buy and use just any color that you find out there, but make sure that the color you choose is a color that’s made especially for face skin.

2.      Apply Moisturizer

Before applying the makeup, wash your face and neck and make sure your skin is all cleaned. Dry your skin completely and then apply moisturizer on your face and neck. You can find Di’MYOOR’s moisturizers here. Wait for the moisturizer to be well absorbed into your skin before applying makeup – it will ensure your skin stays moist.

3.      Do Not Scratch Your Skin

It is important to understand that Halloween’s makeupis usually heavier than our daily makeup, and so sometimes it tends to itch. Whatever you do, do not scratch your skin as you may cause yourself scratches, cuts and infections. Should your skin itches, remove the makeup and start the process again. Applying moisturizer and allowing your skin to absorb it before applying the makeup, will reduce your skin’s irritations and contribute to your skin care during Halloween.

4.      Wash, Remove, Moisturize

As we’ve mentioned, Halloween’s makeup is usually heavier than our daily makeup, and so, when removing it, we need to ensure it is all off our skin. So first, remove the makeup by wiping it off with skin’s cleanser – discover Di’MYOOR’s cleansers here. After doing that, wash your face and neck with a lot of water – use lukewarm water to ensure your skin care. Now, once your skin is all cleaned it needs moisture – apply moisturizer to your face and neck to maintain healthy skin.

5.      Use Face Mask

Schedule your weekly face masking to the night after Halloween to revive your skin after using that heavy makeup. Discover Di’MYOOR’s face masks here.

Follow those tips and protect your skin! Have a great holiday and happy Halloween!

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