How to Protect Your Hands’ Skin

Our hands’ skin is usually more sensitive. Well, not exactly more sensitive as it comes more in contact with objects, as we touch many things, textures and of different temperature during the day. Meaning, the hand’s skin tends to wear out faster than, say the skin on our back, our chest or legs. Therefore, we need to take extra measurements to keep it healthier and prettier as well. Here’s a few tips for how to protect your hands’ skin.
Hot and Cold – Weather’s Impact on Our Hands’ Skin
Extreme weather can impact our hands’ skin, due to the simple fact that our hands are one of our body parts which remain exposed most of the times, whether during winter or summer. We don’t need to explain what extreme hot weather and direct sunlight might do to your hands’ skin, including dryness, redness, irritations, sunburns and skin’s diseases. But did you know that during extreme cold weather our skin can dry really badly, dryness that sometimes cause our skin to “break” and suffer painful cracks on your hand? Therefore, we ought to protect our hands’ skin as much as we can – and that means to wear gloves during winter, especially during extreme cold weather. And we can protect our hands’ skin during summer by using sunscreen or sun-blocking hand cream every time we go outside during daytime.
Hot and Cold – Water Impact on Our Hands’ Skin
Extreme hot or cold can harm our hands even when it is water we’re talking about. First, the water has salts in it that cause our skin to dry. Second, high temperature might cause damages to our skin, even burns. Extreme cold also cause our skin to dry and may lead to other damages dryness related. And so, first, we need to wash our hands lukewarm water – so it will be warm enough to firmly clean our hands, and not too warm to cause damage. Second, you should nurture your hands’ skin with skin care.
Keep Your Hands Clean
So – how can on one hand, keep our hands clean and on the other hand avoid damaging it by water? Well, the thing is that we must wash our hands and relatively more often than our skin on other parts of our body. And so, should we want our hands to be clean, yet to maintain a healthy skin on it – we must use hands cream after every time we wash our hands, so our hands can restore its moisture and in order to avoid dryness and irritations.
Skin Care for Your Hands
Washing our hands and using hand cream isn’t enough to keep our hand’s skin in the best condition it can be. We ought to use skin care that suits to our skin’s type and that offer treatment for its condition, in cases it is dry, red or irritated. Using night cream is also a great way to allow your hands’ skin to rejuvenate overnight and with no distractions.

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