How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags?

Under-eye bag is a common condition which a lot of people suffer from. Most of us has a somewhat of eye puffiness at mornings as we wake up but it disappears in about an hour as we’re fully awake. But for a lot of us, that puffiness doesn’t go away. And so, here we’ll give you some tips to help your with getting rid of under-eye bags.

Preventing Under-Eye Bags

First let’s talk about how we can prevent under-eye bags from occurring or reducing its visibility.

  • Full night sleep – getting a full night sleep allows our skin to rejuvenate itself from the daily damages and effects upon it. Preventing your skin to do its thing during night, will increase the visibility and occurring of your under-eye bags. 
  • Head’s up – sleeping with your head slightly up will reduce fluids flowing to your under-eye skin.
  • Remove makeup – removing your makeup before bedtime allows your skin to breathe and rebuild itself more efficiently.
  • Eye cream – day and night eye cream designed to treat and prevent puffiness will reduce under eye bags from occurring. 

Treating and Reducing Under-Eye Bags

When we get up in the morning and our puffy under-eye doesn’t go away, there’s a few thing we can do in order to treat it or at least reduce its visibility.

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