How Exercise Contributes to the Health of Your Skin

How Exercise Contributes to the Health of Your Skin?

Have you ever wondered how exercise contributes to the health of your skin? A lot is said about the health benefits of exercising on a regular basis, we’ve all heard about the most of it. But what about our skin’s health? Does indeed exercising will improve our skin’s condition? Well, before we start discussing it let me tell you this: it is time to get up and move your body!

Exercise Routine = Increased Blood Circulation

Every time we workout, even by performing the simplest exercise, our blood circulation increases. Logically, increased blood circulation usually refers to more oxygen and nutrients streaming through our blood, veins, muscles and yes, also through our skin. Meaning our skin gets more moisture and more nutrition to it. And so, exercising increases skin’s softness, hydration and even glow – but that’s not all.

Increased Skin Elasticity

As we age, our skin turns stiffer and stiffer, which causes wrinkles and even cracks, and so maintaining skin’s flexibility is very important for its health and beauty. When we exercise, our facial muscles are toning, which increases the elasticity of our facial skin. Actually, this benefit will become valid, with a simple gesture as our smile – in the bottom line, every time you laugh you do good for your facial skin’s health!

Exercising is good for Our Hair Too!

Not only will our skin benefit from our regular basis exercising, but also our hair. How so? Well, we’ve mentioned that exercising increases our blood circulation, and when that happens, it is also promotes the growth of our hair while making it stronger too. Exercising regularly will turn our hair to be thicker, stronger and shinier!

What about Exercising and Acne?

Exercising is good for our skin’s health that’s for sure, but what about skin’s infections such as acne? Well, while exercising will increase the health of our skin and will improve infections condition, we must remember it can work both ways. What do I mean? Yes, working out will treat or at least improve acne infection in our skin but, our sweat, caused by the exercising may irritate and inflame our skin infection to the worse. Therefore, when working out, it is extremely important to always wipe the sweat off our face and neck and wash it well with water and skin cleanser at the end of each workout – as soon as you finish it. That way, you will ensure that the workout will perform as a natural skin care for your skin and won’t harm it.

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