How Does Di’MYOOR recruit Nature for Skin Caring?

At Di’MYOOR we believe that healthy is beauty. We also believe that quality is beauty. And we also believe that nature is beauty. Actually, we believe that the combination of all three allows beauty. And allow us to offer quality beauty products to our customers. That’s why, in our laboratory we recruit nature to improve our formulas, as the idea is not only to offer beauty and skin caring products, but to offer health and as natural process as possible to allow your skin to rejuvenate itself and not only to look better but also to allow your skin to be healthier. Here’s how Di’MYOOR recruit nature to create high quality skin caring products.


Vitamins are essential for our skin’s health. Therefore, at Di’MYOOR we strive to grant your skin the vitamins it needs through our skin care products. Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E are those we combine in our products as those are the most valuable vitamins for our skin’s health.


Collagen is the main structural protein in our skin. Meaning, our sin needs collagen in order to remain firm, beautiful and healthy. But sometimes our natural collagen production is reducing and so we need to accelerate it somehow. One way is to consume into our body artificial collagen and another is to consume organic foods that will boost our natural collagen production. We can consume those organic foods by eating it or we can insert them to our skin care products, as we do at Di’MYOOR.

Organic Extracts with Natural Vitamins and Collagen

A lot of organic foods contains vitamins and some encourage collagen production. At Di’MYOOR we’ve recruit the leading organics’ characters in order to present you with high quality skin care products that contains nothing less than nature’s magical abilities. Some examples of those great organics: Lemons has a lot of vitamin C and citric acid in it, but it also has skin brightening qualities in it. Pomegranates are what you call “super food” and has a lot of great properties to it, as it stimulates natural collagen production, it reduces inflammation, and it helps in hydrating dry skin!

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