Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Decisions – Summer Hazards

Welcome back to our series of articles “healthy lifestyle healthy decisions”! We’re always happy to give you tips and ideas to guide you with starting and improving your healthy lifestyle. As we always say, healthy lifestyle is about making smart decisions and today, we’ll talk about making healthy decisions during summer and especially during the hottest days of summer. Let’s begin.

Choose the Hours You Spend Outdoors

The first smart thing to do during summer is being aware of the weather outside every day. Some days are extremely hot and we need to pay attention to that. Now, if we decide to spend some time outdoors – for example to go to the beach or to the park, we must choose wisely the timing. During the hottest days, it is best recommended to avoid the hottest time to be outside which is between 12 to 2 pm. Those are the hours in which the sun is directly at the top of the sky and its effect is the strongest and it can lead to sunburns and skin’s diseases.

Use Sunscreen with High UVA Protection

Use sunscreen whenever you go out during summer’s daytime, even of it is only for 30 minutes to work your backyard. The sun takes its effect on our skin very quickly and before you know it your skin is already burned. Choose only high quality sunscreen with high UVA protection that also suits your skin’s type and condition. Another thing you can do is to stay in the shade as long as you can when spending time outdoors.

Drink Water!

Drinking water is one of the most important smart decision you can do as part of your healthy lifestyle choices. And that goes for year-round and not only for summertime. Water is the healthiest beverage to drink and our body needs it in order to stay hydrated and healthy.

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