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Skin care is one element of leading a healthy lifestyle, in which there are many elements that allow us to protect our skin and keep it healthy and as beautiful as we can. On this article we’ll talk about making smart decisions about skin care!

Skin Care Daily Routine

Most of us have a daily skin care routine. It’s the things we do the same day by day, at the same time of the day, such as: removing makeup, cleaning our skin, applying skin’s moisturizer in order to allow our skin to rejuvenate, using facemasks, peeling, exfoliating, etc. Usually the daily skin care routine is conducted twice a day – at mornings and evenings. This is the basics, the foundation to keep our skin beautiful and healthy. The key is to be persistent about it and not give up whenever you’re too tired to care for your skin. But, if we truly want to care for our skin, we’ll have to do more than that.

Skin Care Protection

Protecting our skin as part of skin care is done in two main levels – preventing and protecting. Preventing is related to avoiding things that aren’t healthy for our skin, such as: long exposure to direct sunlight (especially during summer most heated days) or smoking. Protecting is when we physically protect our skin by using sunscreen or wearing hats and long sleeves shirts when we spend the day out (day at the beach, working in the backyard, etc.). Making those smart decisions will be to choose to wear that long sleeves shirt or to choose not to smoke and by doing so, following your healthy lifestyle and protect your skin.

Skin Care Treatment

If you maintain a daily skin care routine and you protect our skin, it is probably important to you to care for your skin as much as you can. But what about skin care that is beyond our daily routine? We talk about conditions when our skin needs a further treatment. Skin care treatment can be something we do that isn’t daily. For example, using moisturizer more frequently during summer, as our skin gets drier faster than during the other seasons. It is also providing our skin with medical treatment when needed.

The key to keep our skin healthy and beautiful is to keep a consistent skin care routine – just as any other element of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, protect it as much as we can and treat it when needed.

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