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Healthy lifestyle starts with one healthy decision and improves with more healthy decisions to follow. Making smart decisions is easier to start with your nutrition – you can get our tips for healthy nutrition decisions here. Once you start your way to improve your nutrition you can work to improve your healthy lifestyle with some exercising! Here’s a few smart decisions to make about working out.

Daily Workout Routine

The ideal routine for your workouts is daily routine. But, sometimes it can be hard to start working out every day. So, you can start with twice or three times a week and add another day every week. Soon enough you will be working out every single day and wonder why it took you so long to start. Tip – plan a different workout for every day of the week so you won’t get tired of doing the same thing every day. 

Combine Cardio and Weight-training in Your Workout

Cardio or weight-training? Why not both? Cardio workouts are the fastest way to lose weight. The benefits of cardio workouts include: weight loss, strengthens the heart and increase its endurance, improve the mental health and will allow you to sleep better, lead to a natural boost of energy, and will improve lung capacity. Example of cardio workouts – aerobic exercise, running, cycling etc.

Weight-training or strength training is the fastest way to simply make yourself stronger. Among its benefits: build lean muscle mass (which doesn’t necessarily means your muscles will grow bigger but it will surely grow stronger and firmer), reduce body fat, boost metabolism, increase bone health, improve body flexibility, and improve brain health and cognitive functions. Weight-training is done by creating some sort of resistance by using our own body weight (squats, lunges, pushups, etc.), resistance bands, free weights and resistance machines. 

So, why not benefit from both? Obviously, the healthy decision will be to do it both! You can combine both methods in each workout or you can split it to different workouts, for example – cardio training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and weight-training on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. And on Sundays, you can turn your workout into a fun time of family activity, such as: cycling trip, playing soccer, football or basketball. 

Work Out with Company

One of the best ways to rise your motivation is to work out with partners – it can be a good friend, your spouse or any other family member! Working out with someone who has similar goals to yours will increase your motivation and will allow you to share your journey towards healthy lifestyle with each other!

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