Di’MYOOR Masks

Masks are meant to treat our skin on several levels – to clean it, restore levels of oxygen, vitamins and minerals, to rejuvenate and mostly to prevent or decelerate aging processes. There are many masks that each focused on one thing or several and to the different skin types. Should you haven’t discovered Di’MYOOR Masks yet, now is your change to explore it all here and to learn more about each mask’s qualities on this article.
Collagen Anti-Aging Mask
The collagen anti-aging mask is specifically designed to replenish and restore the youthful and health of your skin, by boosting your skin’s collagen production. Meaning this mask will allow your skin to restore its elasticity, all while cleaning your pores and reducing blackheads. Learn more about the collagen anti-aging mask here.
Volcanic Mud Mask
The volcanic mud mask will allow your skin to renew itself. It lifts away dirt and gently cleanses the skin of impurities, while leaves skin looking healthy and refreshed. Learn more about the wonderful volcanic mud mask here.
Bio Anti-Aging Thermal Spa Bundle
Bundles are the best right? Because they cover more than one aspect of skin’s treatment. And you will want to learn more about this bio anti-aging thermal spa bundle! It is a mix of two fine products: Bio Anti-Aging Thermal Mask and Bio Anti-Aging Thermal Serum. Enter here to learn more about each of the products here – now on sale!
Bio Anti-Aging Thermal Mask
The bio anti-aging thermal mask of Di’MYOOR, is an organic, self-heating mask that actually works as a sauna session. It warms immediately upon contact with your skin. Thanks to the cutting-edge formula of this mask, it will open your pores, intensively purify them, while cleansing your skin and refines it. Enter here to learn more about this one-of-a-kind mask!

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