Could My Skin Dry During Winter?

As soon as the winter season starts… No wait, wait a minute, as soon as the summer’s heat is fading, we all take our foot off the gas for all that’s related with taking care for our skin. Sure, not all of us fully neglect our skin caring, but we all loosen it in some level. But, even if it is not as hot as during summers, winters can be seriously harming for our skin and we should take measures in order to protect it. So, are you wondering whether your skin can dry during winter and how you can avoid it from happening? Let’s talk about it.

Winter’s Dryness

Yes, during winter there is also dryness in the air and not only during summers. The air can get really dried up and the worst thing about it, is that during cold days we almost don’t feel that dryness as much as we notice it during summer, simply because it is hotter. Meaning we get dried up and we don’t feel the urge to consume water in order to make up our body for the lost liquids. That cause our skin to suffer from increased dryness, that we sure feel as it hits us, but then the damage to our skin’s health is already in progress. Additionally, in many cold places the sun still shining through winter which also means dryness AND other dangers to our skin from direct UV lights.

Heating Devices

How we’re fond of sitting close to the heating devices when it is cold, don’t we? Now two thing are important to understand and remember regarding heating devices and our skin’s health; first – the heat we wish to absorb dries our skin up. It is as simple as that. Just as the summer’s heat dries our skin, the heating devices’ heat drying our skin just as well. Second – most of heating devices dries the air in the room as it significantly reduces the moist in it. Especially air conditioners.

How to Avoid Drying Your Skin During Winter?

First, keep drinking enough water. It doesn’t have to be in the same amounts as during summers, but it should be according to your body’s needs. Secondly, try not to stay in a heated room for too long – the air in it is dry and you need to fresh up your body and skin with a fresh air. Wonder how get fresh air and keep your body warmed? The smart and healthy answer is right in front of you – go and exercise outdoors. You know what? You don’t have to exercise – it can also be a family activity or with friends – you can go hiking, play football at the park, and any other physical activity that can both keep your body warm and allow your skin to enjoy fresh air. Thirdly, keep up with your skin caring routine throughout the entire year, and only make small adjustments in it according to the current season.

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