5 Things to Never Leave Your House Without

Most of our skin care routine is done at home, where we apply facial’s cream, use facemasks, etc. But skin caring should also take its place as you go out, whether to work or to spend the day at the beach with your best friend. After all, we spend most of our time out and we should maintain our skin caring, including protecting it from the outdoors’ risks. Here’s 5 things you should never leave your house without, which will allow you skin caring throughout the whole day.

Sunscreen for Protection

Whenever you go out and the sun is shining – you must use sunscreen in order to protect your bare skin from its radiation. Unprotecting the skin from the sunlight can lead to burns, blisters and even skin’s diseases. Apply the sun screen before you leave the house but also take it with you in your purse, as its protection fades throughout the day and you may have to apply it once again during your day out.

Sanitizing Gel

Keeping your hands clean during the day isn’t a simple thing, as almost everything we touch contaminated with germs. So, it is always a good idea to carry a sanitizing gel with you, which will allow you to clean your hands from time to time. The less germs you’ll have on your hands, the cleaner your skin will be and the less infections would be caused due to a low hygiene level.

Cleansing Wipes

Keeping your hands clean isn’t enough. Did you know that the cellphone is one of the most contaminated things we touch? And so, carrying a sanitizing gel isn’t enough. We need something to clean the phone as well. That’s where cleansing wipes comes in handy. With the wipes you can clean items you touch during your day such as your cellphone, your car’s wheel, and also clean your hands and facial skin.


Cleaning your hands may cause it dryness. Meaning, you also need a moisturizer on you, so you can restore your skin’s hydration. Neglecting to moist your hands during the day, while you use water or a sanitizing gel in order to clean it, will lead to a dry skin, which accelerate your skin’s aging and might cause wrinkles too.

A Bottle of Water

It may sounds obvious but it’s really not. Sometimes we’re so busy during our day, whether at the office or out in meetings, and we actually forget to drink. Sometimes we don’t forget but we deliberately postpone it to after we’ll complete that task and this task or that meeting, and before we know it, it has been 3 or 4 hours in which we didn’t drink – and our skin, let alone our body, needs the fluids. That’s why it is always good to carry a bottle of water with you and also place one next to you at the office. Consuming water during the day may be important for your skin’s health and it is a part of a basic skin care, but remember it is also essential for your body’s operation – so keep hydrating!

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